IoT Solutions that scale
with your business

Our platform simplifies IoT operations, providing real-time insights and automation capabilities to enhance efficiency

Sensora IoT cloud dashboard

Built for tomorrow

Sensora aligns with all your IoT ideas, from personal projects to industry innovations


Optimize operations and grow your business with Sensora

Enterprise Integration

Connects with existing business systems to enhance operational efficiency

Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage detailed analytics for informed decision-making

Data Security

Advanced security protocols to safeguard your sensitive data
Sensora IoT for businessses
Sensora IoT for developers


Code, integrate and scale your idea

Open Source SDKs

Access our tools to easily build your IoT projects

Developer Community

Join our community to improve and expand your IoT skills

Dashboard customization

Design dashboards that highlight your sensor key metrics with our simple drag-and-drop interface

Why Sensora?

Delivering scalable solutions tailored to businesses and individuals

Instant dashboard

Your command center, updated in real time. A dashboard that brings together every metric for efficient decision making


Automated Device Control

Eleminate the need for maintenance. Your devices manage themselves


Scale on demand

Scale your project whenever you need it


Smart Alerts

Get a notification before things go wrong


Secure Cloud

Advanced security to protect your sensitive data


Works Everywhere

Control and monitor your project on any device, no matter where you are


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